Monday, September 7, 2009


Got a quick Correction to make, Cody Glenn was not added to the PS. He was added to the Roster. Not sure who was cut to make the room......I'm waiting on the local coverage to find out. That might be sometime next week knowing how slow the local news and papers are to freaking find stuff out.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the lovely waiver claims and the PS

as it has been the last few years we're making moves after cuts on the waiver wire. not surprising though. I was kind of surprised when I saw that Matt was cut. He is a good special teamer and can play on the spot in games.....I guess they felt this Francisco kid is better. Could be so if he has been the captain of the Cardinals Special teams the last 3 years. Bring the guy in...what the hell. Also a linebacker, Cody Glenn has been claimed. No idea who he is, but he's on the team now so he'll be a guy to watch.

Giguire, Thomas, Gill, Hart, MATHEWS (I know I know WTF on this one), Taj, Colin Cloherty, and Glenn round out the practice squad. I'm really happy to see that Mike hart is on here, maybe around mid season when he's completely healthy and ready to go he can get signed onto the squad and contribute. I was definitely shocked to see niether Grady or Terrence Taylor to be added on here. They both had such promise. Gill sucked in my opinion. The guy played damn near two full games and never sniffed a tackle or applied pressure. Grady Seemed to constantly be penetrating and Taylor was the 4th round pick I was really excited about. Oh well.........I don't call the shots.

it almost counts......

preseason over, cuts done, football that counts is almost here.

I like what I saw in the cuts. although I do believe Tauilili is better than keiaho, but oh well. I was a little surprised to see Grady AND terrance taylor both getting the axe, but again who cares. They'll probably both get thrown on the practice squad and called up in mid season when somebody goes down. I wasn't that surprised when Mike Hart and Marcus Howard both were cut. Mike couldn't stay healthy, devestating injury first year plus constant sitting for minor injuries will get you axed. Howard was a beast in college, but was way way too small. He's like Kieaho (another tony dungy speed first BS player). yes he had the speed to be a good edge rusher, but he was weak. When a tackle flicked him with an inded finger he went flailing into the turf and was ultimately out of the play. Steve justice, josh thomas....good riddance.

One guy I liked seeing make it was Ramon Humber. He is a bomber. I think he'll be comparable to Darrell Ried. Good special teamer that will rarely see the field on D.

It's good to see that Caldwell isn't against axing players with "promise". I think Tony hung on to players for WAY to long.....the same with coaches. It didn't take a football person to realize that Marcus Howard sucked. Doesn't take a brilliant mind to see that Josh Thomas was horrible, or Steve Justice couldn't block a cardboard box, or that Freddy Kieaho was a HORRIBLE middle linebacker. It is good to know that Jim can separate from these guys and realize that a good person can be a sucky professional football player.

Bob was activated from Pup, doubt he plays in the opener but one can hope for it. only a week away from actual football. Stay tuned......................

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boring game, bad memories, and a new roster prediction

As you can tell from the title of this post, you know my feelings on yesterday afternoons game. Ugly defensive sequences, no running lanes, dropped passes, and horrible tackling. Boy do those 4 descriptions remind you of last season? They sure as hell do to me. Now I will lighten up here and say that the defense was missing 6 starters, and the offensive line was missing Lilja (who is absolutely KEY) so there were some people in spots they certainly should not be (FreddyKieaho is an absolute HORRIBLE middle linebacker and should be cut, Josh Thomas can't do anything but get stood up by the left tackle on every flippin play, and steve justice doesn't deserve to be the second string center). The defense was almost identicle from last years. Great on 1st and 2nd downs. Then we get to 3rd and 11 and we can't cover a reciever, tackle a back, or even rush the damned QB. Detriot was peobably 6/7 on 3rd and LONG. Some of those third downs are 11 plus yards. That is what lost the game for us last year in January. HOw many fucking times are we going to go through this. It's embarrassing. The offense had the ball 3 times in the first half. That has to change. Absolutely HAS TO CHANGE. I already took my shots at Josh Thomas and Kieaho. They are horrible players that don't deserve roster spots.

The offense was mediocre. Peyton was wonderful as usual. 12/15, 123 and 1 with no picks. He and dallas were pretty damn good. He probably would have had another 35-40 yards.....maybe make that 60 and another touchdown if Gonzo catches that perfect touch pass on the stop and go....but I think that is just a blunder. Gonzo's got good hands. One person that doesn't have good hands........John Mathews. 3 drops. One of them tipped right into a detriot safety's hands which would lead to detriot taking the lead. I don't wanna say he was the reason we lost........ehhhhh yeah I do. That play came at a crucial part of the game, when painter was he did. I can safely say he's gone. He is a disgrace to the number 83. THe running game was yuck. Very little room. Joe and Donald had a good run each. JOe also made a good move and got 2 on 4th and 1. Still the guard play absolutely Sucks. I think Mike Pollak is a Pussy. He doesn't have that nasty edge that Lilja has, and every NFL guard should have. I think he'll be subplanted next year when Jamie Thomas gets moved up. I took my shot at Steve Justice already, he got outplayed by a former MINOR LEAGUE ARENA PLAYER. That's pathetic. oh well. Kyle devan will be on the roster this year.

One good thing I saw yesterday was Donald Brown scoring on the goal line with ease. That is a rarity. 2 rushes from the 8, first went for 6, second for 2 and the score. That is good Goal line O.

Curtis Painter looked pretty good yesterday. I like him more than sorgi. He has more zip and is a better athlete. Not sure if he'll be on the roster or not. They obviously drafted him for a reason, and like him so who knows. If sorgi is healthy I think he's their back up. Polian LOves him and Caldwell is the old QB's coach so I doubt he gets cut. the more I type the more I lean towards him being on the Practice squad. He'll probably become the next Tom Arth/Josh Betts who both were on the damn practice squad for 3 years each. Us die hard fans only know those names and at the times were waiting on seeing those two subplant Sorginator on the roster but it never happened...........only time will tell the story on Curtis Painter.

Pierre Garcon finally showed some tallant this pre-season. His first two games were filled with 4 dropped passes and only 2 catches. Yesterday he had 2 catches for 76 yards. His big one coming on a nice crossing route, great catch on a ball thrown behind him, he broke an arm tackle and nicely scooted up the field for 66 yards. That boy can run.........good stuff

Now onto the Glorious prediction:

QB: 18, Sorgi
RB: Joe, Donald, Mike Hart
H-B: Gijon
TE: Dallas, Tamme, Santi
WR: Reggie, Gonzo, Collie, Garcon
C: Jeff, Devann
G:Lilja, Pollak, Richard, Thomas
T:Diem, Ugoh, Charlie, Federkiel

DE:Dwight, Robert, Howard, Johnson, Brock
DT: ED, Antonio, Fili, TT, Eric Foster
OLB: CLint, Wheeler, Senn, Hagler
MLB:Gary, Tauilili
CB: Kelvin, Marlin, Jerraud, Jennings, Hughes/Lacey (not sure yet hughes sucked yesterday)
SS: Bob, Melvin
FS: Antoine, Giordano, Silva

LS: Snow
K: Adam Nougatieri
P: Pat Mcafee (future pro bowler)

Practice Squad
Curtis Painter
Adrian Grady
Lance Ball
Ramon Humber
Jacob Lacey (if he doesn't make the roster)
Sam Giguire

and two other people who have yet to really stand out probably an offensive lineman and another defensive back. Painter and Grady are good enough to make the roster I think, there just isn't room for them.... Humber is a good special teamer....that is how EVERY SINGLE UDFA makes it on every NFL team especially the colts so keep an eye on him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's finally here and Ryan Diem PLEASE COME BACK!

after that wonderful display of our usual pre-season awfulness I've got a few things to write about.

I'll start with the negatives:

Corey Hilliard Blows. He his a fringe player that has third string written all over him. 3 sacks in 6 plays ALL from the right side.......Thankfully Diem only has a muscle strain in his back.

Third down defense didn't do very well at all. Although two of the vikings first downs came from going for it on 4th and 1 and 4th and 2. So technically they stopped them on third. Would Minny have gone for it in the regular season? I don't know. Phillip Wheeler got beat twice by Shiancoe for gains of 12 and 14 but I think that's just something that Phillip will have to get down. It's his first action at OLB in a while and considering he played the Mike in college.....he'll come along.

Special teams still worry me. Yes Pat Mcafee played awesome and he will probably be a good, if not better option than Hunter was. But returns still suck. I think it's the players. We have plodders that can barely get to the 20 without getting bombed. Simpson couldn't do it last year, and garcon hasn't showed that much either. WE need a roscoe parrish/sproles/hall type guy. A burner "lightening in a bottle" type guy. Part of me thinks BP and Co. don't really give a shit about that. Yes they care that the guy gets the ball in a decent position, but they think they don't really need to waste a pick on a guy because they Have Peyton. I wouldn't be surprised if that was their attitude. As long as P is leading the offense down the field if we start at the 18 or the 46 doesn't matter. I say we get a burner......but I don't call the shots.

Now onto the good stuff:

Running backs: Joe looked like his old self again on that first stretch. Pollak on the pull knifed down Ej Henderson, joe showed some shake and bake, and BOOM 14 yards on the stretch. Haven't seen that in about 2 years now. Donald brown was great. Quick to the hole, fast through it, decisive cuts, 55 on 3. I was hoping he would get the time Painter got but he strutted his stuff in about 4 minutes of play time and that was enough for the coaches and the fans. I can't wait to see him again.

already mentioned it, but Pat Mcafee can bomb it on the punts. Good to see that.

One subtle thing I saw was on the first third down, was the communication between Peyton and Collie. 3rd and 6 P looked at Collie, they both pointed at the same thing, snap, throw, 7 yards, first down. Right now I think Collie is the guy over pierre.

that's post....probably friday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

WINDING DOWN...........and our running back ?'s

been a while since I've posted. Been busy with cases and school. Thankfully I have a week of clinicals total and I am a Clarian Grad! It's that time of the year folks. Draft picks are beginning to sign....teams are trimming those 2-3 UDFA's to cut the roster down to the correct amount for camp......which is right around the corner! This offseason, as usual, has been absolutely brutal. Another summer filled with literally no news. Thankfully it's coming to an end. I can't wait to get to camp to see these guys practice. IT should be a very interesting camp as opposed to last year where it was littered with questions about Peyton's health and watching Quinn Gray and J-load suck for a month. Thankfully I don't think that is going to happen this year. I will definitely be looking to see some things in the preseason. Donald Brown's performance will be under close watch. Is Mike hart healthy? If not will Lance Ball step up and take that spot? I think Running back is the most intriguing battle in this years camp. We got Joe, Donald, hart, ball, and simpson. I think chad simpson better average 35 yards a return in order to make the team this year. Ball is the wild card. his performance last year against tennessee was impressive but then again it was against their scrub team on the last game. I hope mike hart can bounce back from an ACL because he's such a fun guy to cheer for. His work ethic and hard nosed mentality make him a fan favorite and he is a very nice guy. But the biggest topic for this group is the top spot. Joe and Donald. My hopes are that Joe can bounce back and look like the back we saw the first 6 games of 07. The quick feet, decisiveness, and great hands all make for a damn good back. If he falls into the 08 back with a feeble body, slow feet, plodding, and dancing than brown will step right in. I don't think that will happen though. My money is on Joe starting, getting 15-18 carries a game, donald getting 10-12 carries per game and if Clyde is smart......maybe we'll see them both in the backfield together in the gun. They can both catch the ball well and that kind of a set with Dallas, Reggie, and Gonzo all on the field at the same time would be a flippin nightmare to cover. I feel sorry for the linebackers defending a set like that. I hope my speculation turns into reality.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 players I cannot stand

1. Tom Brady: For gods sake people, I'm a die hard Colts fan......who else were you expecting? Watching the giants Defensive line plant this overhyped prettyboy douche in XLII was pretty fun. Why he gets so much freakin credit I don't know. The press just melts over his 6th round underdog story. All I have to say is that if you take Brady off his team the backup leads them to an 11 win season and barely misses the playoffs. Take 18 of the colts.......I don't want to think about it.

2. Phillip Rivers: throws like a woman, acts like a 4 year old, and leads the most annoyingly confident team in professional sports. That performance of his in the Playoffs last season when all he did was flail around the backfield and throw the ball 7 yards pass the line straight into the ground because DFREE and Bert mathis were breathing down his redneck ass should speak of him enough.......WUSS

3. TO: selfish, annoying, team wrecker, brickhanded, MORON. He ruins teams, Dances after every play, and cares about nobody but himself. He has the most obvious "ME FIRST" demeanor in the NFL.

4. LT: plays for the chargers. Winey, obnoxious, baby of a player. if it doesn't go his way, he pouts and throws a fit.... amazingly enough he acts just like his petty obnoxious woman armed QB.

5. Jeremy Shockey: Sucky teammate, overrated, me-first guy. His rookie season was pretty impressive. I remember watching him dominate our Colts in the dome in 02. Probably his most famous play of his overhyped career was when he Trucked over little David Gibson......that was impressive. Then the talk, dances, fallouts with teammates, run-ins with coaches.....ugh. He's annoying. So annoying he pisses off Drew Brees..........what a douche.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Most Underrated player on the roster

I am always reading posts and posts and posts on other sites, blogs, and forums about this exact topic and I thought I'd start a little thing on it. The way the colts are constructed it's imperative that the team finds those UDFA hidden gems like Gary Brackett, Eric Foster, Melvin Bullitt, Jeff Saturday etc, etc, etc. WE al know BP and staff are all masters at finding these types of players via draft or UDFA. That is why my most underrated player is an UDFA. He started the route of a usual Colt UDFA.....starting on special teams, then following the "next man up" team philosophy when a certain BEAST safety started his injury streak.

here's a few hints:
Texas A&M starter
5 career Interceptions, 3 of which are against the Houston Texans.
4 picks in 08 3 where game sealers
#33 on your roster

any clue who it is yet???

Yes it's Melvin Bullitt. One of those players like Antione Bethea once was early in his career. Those always around the ball type of players. Not necessarily the fastest, strongest, flashiest players on the roster but his humble attitude towards life, military upbringing, hustle, and knack for being where the ball is what makes him one of my favorite unheralded Colts on the roster. He stepped up bigtime last year when bob went down early. That playing time last season gives him that experience that will make him very valuable come this season for our coverage packages and down the road as Antoine becomes a FA (lord I hope BP and Jimmy cough up some cash to keep him in town because he's fun to watch). Old larry can get creative with maybe Melvin in the slot with Bob and Antoine behind him?

Ok.....time to start studying some situational medicine questions for certifying exam.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th

Happy 4th of july people.

Rainy drury day but oh well.....still doesn't make me not want to blow shit up tonight!

Have a safe and happy 4th and as always.....GO BLUE

Monday, June 29, 2009

Long thought

Started this day at 4:30 in the morning. after a long day of scrubbing in on surgeries the going straight to work I only have one thing to say


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breakout player in 09 will be.......

During this incredibly boring time in the NFL year, I find myself contemplating who I think will be that breakout player wearing the shoe on his helmet. These are my two choices from the offensive and defensive squads

Pierre Garcon: I thought about putting down Jacob Tamme, but his injuries allowed Gijon Robinson to step up and take his potential spot. For Pierre I see his stat line being about 50-55 catches, 600-650 yards, 5-7 TD's. Again this is PURELY speculation, but I think it is definitely attainable. Reading the articles, watching the interviews with coaches and Peyton I think he has made quite a bit of progress with absorbing that wonderfully complex offense. There is a short clip of a few plays in practices of this kid running by Jerraud Powers on a 9, tracking the ball down, and making a really nice grab. I really hope he can look like that throughout the season. It'd be sweet to turn a 6th round, division III prospect into a good slot guy. Sure can't wait to find out!

Clint Session: This is a complete No brainer to me. Clint's strength is tackling and roaming free around the field. That is why I grin when I think about this guy being the starting WILL linebacker. Letting him roam to blow up running plays is a GREAT idea. I really really would love to see Coyer blitz him some. He is a perfect example of a downhill linebacker. I think it would be a good idea to rush 55 off the edge....right behind Robert Mathis. I see probably around 100 tackles, maybe 3 sacks, 2 picks, 3 force fumbles.....again that's speculation

Appreciation for the colts player attitude

Last week I was able to go to Gary Brackett's Charity event presented by Kroger. It is called the celebrity gridiron challenge and it involves colts players, coaches, and media people playing in a big flag football tournament. It lasts all day and it is an amazing experience. The basic layout is you have an 8 member team with a Player as your celebrity quarterback. My teams QB was Clint Session. Other players that were there; jamie silva, keyunta dawson, Charlie johnson, curtis painter, taj smith, TJ rushing, gary brackett, ed johnson, mike hart, chad simpson, phillip wheeler, pierre garcon, Tony ugoh, eric foster, antonio johnson, roy hall, Ricky thomas, alan willaims...and a few media people. I was able to participate in this event last year as well and it was an absolute awesome experience. The players are all appreciative of us, the fans. They are so open and available for pictures, autographs, even conversation. My little brother and I talked to Mike Hart about his rehab experience. What PROFESSIONAL athlete does that?!?! 

I can't tell you how cool it is to catch a pass from an NFL player and get to celebrate with him as if you are in an actual game against any other NFL team. You look around the field and any player that isn't on the field quarterbacking his team of random fans, he is conversing, taking pictures, autographing.....with other random fans. Seeing the availability and the appreciation that these guys show to us....the fans.....makes me love this team just that much more. is my prediction for the roster opening day. Last year I got damn near all the roster correct. The only 2 I had wrong were Quinn Pitcock and Luke Lawton and that was because one retired unexpectedly and the other was traded....unexpectedly. I miss Luke....he was tough. OH well.

QB (2): 18 and the sorginator 
RB (4): Joe, the donald, Mike Hart, Lance Ball
H-B (1): Tom Santi
WR (5): Reg, Gonzo, Pierre, Collie, Roy Hall
TE (3): Dallas, Tamme, Gijon
OT (4): Big Tony, Diemer, Federkiel, Charlie J 
OG (4): LILJA (thank god he's back), Pollak, Jamie R, Jamie T, 
C (2): JEFFY (another one of those "thank god he's back" because if he left for pittsburgh I would have puked), Steve Justice

DE (5): Dwight the Fright, Bert Mathis, Raheem, Marcus Howard, Curtis Johnson
DT (5): Fili, BIG TERRANCE TAYLOR, Ed johnson, Eric Foster, Adrian Grady
OLB (4): Clint, Phillip "predator" Wheeler, Tyjuan, Freddy
MLB (2): Gary Brackett, Adam Seward
CB (5): Kelvin, Marlin, Timmy jennings, Jerraud Powers, Dante
S (4): BOBzilla, Antoine, Melvin, Giordano

K: Adam the great
P: Mcafee
LS: Justin Snow

Practice Squad I haven't really put much thought into this squad...I do know that curtis painter will be on it though.......

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wow this is something I am definitely new at. I'll try to keep this thing updated. all I really have to say is that right now we are stuck in the worst part of the NFL year. NOTHING is happening and I'm quite ready for a new season to begin. Camp is just a few short weeks is my graduation! 

Fellow colts fans and I are anticipating yet another exciting season. I hope to god that we all don't log onto the internet, check an accurate sports site, and see that Peyton has knee surgery this year. Good lord that was probably the most awkward moment I've experienced in my long long time as a fan (Next to the 2001 draft when we all were asking WHO THE HELL IS REGGIE WAYNE AND WHAT IS POLIAN THINKING!)Hopefully we'll never have to experience an injury to good old 18. There are quite a few questions I'm asking myself about this year. Can joe show us he's the player he was from the 06 and half of the 07 seasons? Who's gonna be the slot guy....Pierre or Collie? Will Roy hall ever do anything other than hurt his shoulder? Will bob make it through the year without an injury? WHERE'S THE BEEF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DLINE?!?!?!?!? hahahaha. Will Jimmy Caldwell be the coach we all want him to be? 

so many things to think about for this season. I CANNOT WAIT FOR CAMP!!!!!!!!