Monday, August 17, 2009

It's finally here and Ryan Diem PLEASE COME BACK!

after that wonderful display of our usual pre-season awfulness I've got a few things to write about.

I'll start with the negatives:

Corey Hilliard Blows. He his a fringe player that has third string written all over him. 3 sacks in 6 plays ALL from the right side.......Thankfully Diem only has a muscle strain in his back.

Third down defense didn't do very well at all. Although two of the vikings first downs came from going for it on 4th and 1 and 4th and 2. So technically they stopped them on third. Would Minny have gone for it in the regular season? I don't know. Phillip Wheeler got beat twice by Shiancoe for gains of 12 and 14 but I think that's just something that Phillip will have to get down. It's his first action at OLB in a while and considering he played the Mike in college.....he'll come along.

Special teams still worry me. Yes Pat Mcafee played awesome and he will probably be a good, if not better option than Hunter was. But returns still suck. I think it's the players. We have plodders that can barely get to the 20 without getting bombed. Simpson couldn't do it last year, and garcon hasn't showed that much either. WE need a roscoe parrish/sproles/hall type guy. A burner "lightening in a bottle" type guy. Part of me thinks BP and Co. don't really give a shit about that. Yes they care that the guy gets the ball in a decent position, but they think they don't really need to waste a pick on a guy because they Have Peyton. I wouldn't be surprised if that was their attitude. As long as P is leading the offense down the field if we start at the 18 or the 46 doesn't matter. I say we get a burner......but I don't call the shots.

Now onto the good stuff:

Running backs: Joe looked like his old self again on that first stretch. Pollak on the pull knifed down Ej Henderson, joe showed some shake and bake, and BOOM 14 yards on the stretch. Haven't seen that in about 2 years now. Donald brown was great. Quick to the hole, fast through it, decisive cuts, 55 on 3. I was hoping he would get the time Painter got but he strutted his stuff in about 4 minutes of play time and that was enough for the coaches and the fans. I can't wait to see him again.

already mentioned it, but Pat Mcafee can bomb it on the punts. Good to see that.

One subtle thing I saw was on the first third down, was the communication between Peyton and Collie. 3rd and 6 P looked at Collie, they both pointed at the same thing, snap, throw, 7 yards, first down. Right now I think Collie is the guy over pierre.

that's post....probably friday.

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