Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boring game, bad memories, and a new roster prediction

As you can tell from the title of this post, you know my feelings on yesterday afternoons game. Ugly defensive sequences, no running lanes, dropped passes, and horrible tackling. Boy do those 4 descriptions remind you of last season? They sure as hell do to me. Now I will lighten up here and say that the defense was missing 6 starters, and the offensive line was missing Lilja (who is absolutely KEY) so there were some people in spots they certainly should not be (FreddyKieaho is an absolute HORRIBLE middle linebacker and should be cut, Josh Thomas can't do anything but get stood up by the left tackle on every flippin play, and steve justice doesn't deserve to be the second string center). The defense was almost identicle from last years. Great on 1st and 2nd downs. Then we get to 3rd and 11 and we can't cover a reciever, tackle a back, or even rush the damned QB. Detriot was peobably 6/7 on 3rd and LONG. Some of those third downs are 11 plus yards. That is what lost the game for us last year in January. HOw many fucking times are we going to go through this. It's embarrassing. The offense had the ball 3 times in the first half. That has to change. Absolutely HAS TO CHANGE. I already took my shots at Josh Thomas and Kieaho. They are horrible players that don't deserve roster spots.

The offense was mediocre. Peyton was wonderful as usual. 12/15, 123 and 1 with no picks. He and dallas were pretty damn good. He probably would have had another 35-40 yards.....maybe make that 60 and another touchdown if Gonzo catches that perfect touch pass on the stop and go....but I think that is just a blunder. Gonzo's got good hands. One person that doesn't have good hands........John Mathews. 3 drops. One of them tipped right into a detriot safety's hands which would lead to detriot taking the lead. I don't wanna say he was the reason we lost........ehhhhh yeah I do. That play came at a crucial part of the game, when painter was he did. I can safely say he's gone. He is a disgrace to the number 83. THe running game was yuck. Very little room. Joe and Donald had a good run each. JOe also made a good move and got 2 on 4th and 1. Still the guard play absolutely Sucks. I think Mike Pollak is a Pussy. He doesn't have that nasty edge that Lilja has, and every NFL guard should have. I think he'll be subplanted next year when Jamie Thomas gets moved up. I took my shot at Steve Justice already, he got outplayed by a former MINOR LEAGUE ARENA PLAYER. That's pathetic. oh well. Kyle devan will be on the roster this year.

One good thing I saw yesterday was Donald Brown scoring on the goal line with ease. That is a rarity. 2 rushes from the 8, first went for 6, second for 2 and the score. That is good Goal line O.

Curtis Painter looked pretty good yesterday. I like him more than sorgi. He has more zip and is a better athlete. Not sure if he'll be on the roster or not. They obviously drafted him for a reason, and like him so who knows. If sorgi is healthy I think he's their back up. Polian LOves him and Caldwell is the old QB's coach so I doubt he gets cut. the more I type the more I lean towards him being on the Practice squad. He'll probably become the next Tom Arth/Josh Betts who both were on the damn practice squad for 3 years each. Us die hard fans only know those names and at the times were waiting on seeing those two subplant Sorginator on the roster but it never happened...........only time will tell the story on Curtis Painter.

Pierre Garcon finally showed some tallant this pre-season. His first two games were filled with 4 dropped passes and only 2 catches. Yesterday he had 2 catches for 76 yards. His big one coming on a nice crossing route, great catch on a ball thrown behind him, he broke an arm tackle and nicely scooted up the field for 66 yards. That boy can run.........good stuff

Now onto the Glorious prediction:

QB: 18, Sorgi
RB: Joe, Donald, Mike Hart
H-B: Gijon
TE: Dallas, Tamme, Santi
WR: Reggie, Gonzo, Collie, Garcon
C: Jeff, Devann
G:Lilja, Pollak, Richard, Thomas
T:Diem, Ugoh, Charlie, Federkiel

DE:Dwight, Robert, Howard, Johnson, Brock
DT: ED, Antonio, Fili, TT, Eric Foster
OLB: CLint, Wheeler, Senn, Hagler
MLB:Gary, Tauilili
CB: Kelvin, Marlin, Jerraud, Jennings, Hughes/Lacey (not sure yet hughes sucked yesterday)
SS: Bob, Melvin
FS: Antoine, Giordano, Silva

LS: Snow
K: Adam Nougatieri
P: Pat Mcafee (future pro bowler)

Practice Squad
Curtis Painter
Adrian Grady
Lance Ball
Ramon Humber
Jacob Lacey (if he doesn't make the roster)
Sam Giguire

and two other people who have yet to really stand out probably an offensive lineman and another defensive back. Painter and Grady are good enough to make the roster I think, there just isn't room for them.... Humber is a good special teamer....that is how EVERY SINGLE UDFA makes it on every NFL team especially the colts so keep an eye on him.

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