Monday, August 29, 2011


The greatest QB in the history of the NFL is back and practicing!

Damn nice news to be reading on a monday. Can't wait for September 11.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First surprises.

Not one surprise this first wave of cuts. I was amazed Chip Vaughn wasn't cut Friday night after his display of idiocy in the Packers game.

The way David Gilreath played against the packers is what made Devin Moore expendable. Gilreath is the smoothest looking punt returner I have seen in years, the last one who made it look simple was Brad Pyatt.

Glenn was a good ST linebacker, but hasn't practiced or played since the middle of last year. The way Sims played last night and the emergence of Adrian Moten, he is extremely expendable.

Horn has yet to play in a preseason game. I expect to possibly see him back on the PS. He looked good the 2 times I saw him in camp as a kick returner. He was camp fodder.

Mike Newton is a bit of a surprise to me actually. Joe Lefeged is his replacement, and the way David Caldwell has played, he is easily replaceable.

Hartline and Bender......same as beekman. Only needed to get through camp and preseason.

If Collins does play a majority of the game (which I expect), it could be an interesting game to watch. Next cuts are Saturday morning. Come onnnnn fall.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

another loss.........WHO CARES!


No 18 and we held our own against a DAMN good Packers team. Painter was his usual self in teh first quarter, but looked like he actually belonged in the second. It still doesn't change my mind about whether he belongs. ONe thing he did need was some confidence. That long six to Reggie (which was awesome) is what he needed.

May I add, I was watching Peyton last night onthe sideline, the play before the 57 yard bomb to Reggie, he jogged over to Clyde, Clyde nodded his head, following play, a long six.........wonder why?

I think the starting D was what got me excited. Yeah Rodgers completed 19/23, but their first team offense only scored 10 points in the first half. Our rush was awesome. Free is unblockable, Fili looked awesome against the run, TOMMIE HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernie Sims looks like he is our new starting weakside backer. The 2 guys I was most excited about signing a month ago showcased they belong.....that's awesome. If Harris can consistently impose his will as an inside passrush threat, this team could kick some ass this year.

THe offensive line looked competent this time as well. I love that line now. Castonzo, Reitz, Jeffy, DIEM (love him at quard, it's where he belongs), and Linkenbach. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, matthews had a sack, a coverage one at that. The line consistently picked up the blitz all night. It was nice to see really. the amount of 3-4, joker defenses that we are going to see this year is outright crazy, and this line showed it can handle it. Donald Brown had atleast 3 blitz pickups. 102 rushing yards last night. That right side opened up some gaping holes......I like it. keep it up

The bad stuff

Chip Vaughn, you are the reason we lost last night. 2 idiotic penalties, 30 yards, and that's a wrap. If JIM CALDWELL pulls you from a PRESEASON game, seething, you better find your playbook because you're handing it in very soon.

Jacob Lacey is awful. How many F###ing times are we gonna have a flippin offense in 3rd and 7-10, and this prick is playing 19 yards OFF of the opposing teams' second best reciever. I think they figured it out last night.....Tryon and Thomas are tied for our second best corner.

Vinny missed a biggy, he's still awesome.

I definitely liked what I saw last night. 3 down, 1 more incredibly horrid game to go!

Best thing, NO INJURIES. Come on september 11th.
18......hurry back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Opening Day roster

I always come close to getting the opening day roster completely correct. I remember in 08 i was on the nail!

I love seeing how Reggie reacted to the signing of Collins. He backs his teammates....and that is cool. I do disagree with him. Painter is awful......Collins will win a game for you in a pinch.

QB: 18, Collins (i assume he will wrestle number 5 from Travis Baltz), 7 (not for that much longer, we gave a 38 year old guy a 2 year $4 million contract because he hasn't cut it in preseason)

RB: 29 (duh), 31 (please PLEASE break out this year), 34 (a poor man's MJD), 42 (looks thicker than last year), 45 (kick returner.....that's it)

FB: hahahahahahahaha.......why carry one of those?

TE: 44(duh), 84, 81/47 (love Brody, but McNiel has been somewhat impressive in preseason)

WR: 87 (DUH), 85 (concentrate this year please), 17, 11, 15. Depending on Blair White's condition, wouldn't be surprised to see a Vet added.

OL (Starters in order first): 74 (BEAST), 76, 63(duh), 78(balls), 71, 65, 66, 79, 72, 67/60/64 for the last oline spot.

26 total Offensive players.

DE: Free (duh), 98 (duh), 92 (please god show up this year), 90
DT: 99, 95, 94, 91, 68
LB: 51, 58, 53, 55, 57, 50
CB: 25 (pro bowl this year), 20, 27, 21 (love what he has done this preseason), 36
SS: 33, 35
FS: 41 (duh), 38/30

24 total

K: who else but the greatest ever? 4
P: 1......Pro bowl?
LS: 48.

3 total

26 + 24 + 3 = 53. those are your 53 for the opener at houston.

Practice squad I think will contain:

28, Chad Spann, always nice to have a good lookin RB prospect who can return for you incase joe joe, or donald go down.

59, Chris Colasanti, dude has been a tackling machine this preseason. Can't have enough Penn State backers around as far as I am concerned.

97, John Chick, he could make it this year, but I think we'll try and keep him on the squad again for a full year. I like his motor.

64, Olie Ogbu, this man has been a nice looking developmental nose tackle prospect so far. let teerlinck show him some more....hopefully he sticks around.

16, Joe Horn, quick, skinny white boy wide out......Blair White 2.0

and the other 3 members will end up being prospects that are slurped up as teams cut them.

that's all I got people. ALMOST FRIDAY!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

an ACTUAL back up

As some of you may know, Kerry Collins signed today. I love the move. He can actually win you a few games if need be. He is the first SOLID back up Peyton has ever had behind him.

I personally think that Peyton will play on September 11. I belive Tony....only way he doesn't is if he is dead. If they thought he wasn't, they would have signed Collins weeks ago. One thing this does say is that they feel the same way as about everyone else in our world, PAINTER IS AWFUL!

This signing probably doesn't totally mark the end of Painter's Colts career, but it does tell me that that moment is on the way. I think that we will end up carrying 3 QB's until halfway through the season....and if the front office has to choose between Painter and Collins.....well....that has to be one hell of an easy decision. Get through this year with Collins as the back up, and draft a guy next year HIGH (rounds 1-4) as a developmental prospect.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panic time....not yet.

I remember this same feeling just before the 2008 season. Peyton had that second knee surgery about 3 weeks before the season started to clean out an infection he had acquired from his previous surgery.......everyone was freaking out. Same shit, new year. Once again Bill Polian is being an inconsiderate asshole to the media. I understand why he wouldn't talk to some reporters because, lets be truthfull, some are idiots. BUT not the guys that cover the Colts for the Star. Mike Chappel is a nice guy. Phillip Wilson is a good guy. Kravitz isn't an idiot, he just writes the blatent truth. Hell, Polian even ran over Bob Lamey when asked a question about Peyton's health. This guy is an COLOSSAL PRICK, and always has been. His attitude is such, that if you haven't been in the NFL setting for 20 years, you know nothing about football.

WELL.....Bill. I got thing to say about that.

Have you been watching Painter? My girlfriend, who knows literally NOTHING about football can see he is horrendous, inaccurate, panicky in the pocket, and has NO chance to lead us to a win during a PRESEASON game.

Now I don't yet think it's time to panic. If 18 isn't in uniform and practicing late next week....I would start. If we sign a PROVEN vet, not a career backup who couldn't win a game with the lions 3 years ago, but a guy that can carry a team, I would be somewhat concerned. That might also alleviate some of the frustrations I have because it could be the end of Painters time as a Colt.

Keep you posted people. Don't panic........yet.
18, please hurry back.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ugly? Yes. See some good? Yes.

16-3. Another loss that doesn't count. Did we give up 193,829,402,842 yards rushing to a team chalked full of mediocre backs? Yes. That's a culmination of the Colts not really preparing for the game, and not playing all that hard. You can tell that the starting players hate preseason just by their body language. Was painter absolutely horrific? Yes. Again.....what else is new? He can't play NFL football, and has displayed his shitty talent for the last 3 years yet he has still been our backup. That really kind of pisses me off about the Polians, Caldwell, and even Frank Reich (QB coach). Painter is a nice guy, I know this because I met him at Gary Brackett's charity thing. He has a cannon for an arm too. takes about 10 other abilities to even FUNCTION during an NFL game as a quarterback. Last preseason we say Brandstater CLEARLY outplay him, I cant necessarily say that Orlovsky has blown the coaches away with pro bowl caliber play, but the guy can atleast move an offense. Painter hasn't got it......and never has had it. Why did we draft him again?

Moving on.

Jerry Hughes. So far......horrific draft pick. 6 tackles last year, 1 QB hit, and a onslaught of de-activations. That is a pretty awful first year for a first round draft pick. One thing I have noticed the 2 games he has played in (both 3/4 of the game).....he is weak. Literally. He doesn't have the strength to hold up to an NFL tackle. YEs he has the speed to get around him.....but he gets toasted on running plays. Where the HELL have you been John Torine (strength and conditioning coach) and John Teerlinck? He did make a nice play on 3rd down last night tackling Helu from the Backside on a screen forcing a field goal. Absolutely must see more from him or he'll be yet another one of our recent stretch of busted HIGH draft picks.

Some good stuff now.

Drake Nevis, Delone Carter, Kevin Thomas, and CANT-STAND-YA.....all look like they are gonna be studs for us. Nevis had a sack on an absolute amazing double swim move to beat a double team. Carter is a poor man's Maurice Jones-Drew. His short yardage capabilities, and goal line talents are going to be fun to watch. He is also alot faster than I tought. Kevin Thomas was all over the field last night. His coverage is so much better than Lacey. He is a feistier corner than I am used to seeing wearing the horseshoe. broke up a few passes, and forced a fumble as well.

Castonzo has got it. He is our LT that we have been needing since the summer of 07. Big, strong, quick feet, smart, can handle the blitz (washington definitely tossed some at at him and he was pretty good). It'll be interesting to see how he does next week against the defending champs. They have a power d.....exotic blitzes....and clay matthews.

No major injuries last night. Some horrid play, but we all expected that. We suck at preseason.......for a reason. HA......that rhymes.

2 down....2 to go. Bring on Sept. 11th

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Signing......Who's your momma.......and our new #1 LT

Tyler Brayton......signed......good move? I personally think it's just to get through camp/pre-season. He is a 3rd team DT/power DE at best....I don't think he could unseat Eric Foster out of his spot. We tried to nab him in 2008, but he chose to take more money with the Panthers. He reminds me of a clone of Josh Thomas........doubt he makes it.

TJ Houshmanzedeh has been trying to get a deal done with us for atleast a week now. Worked out with the Vikes, and Pats..........and he didn't sign with either. I take that as he wants to have a role with us. My only question....WAKE UP POLIAN! His ability is perfect for our offense. He isn't a burner, but catches about everything thrown at him, will be in the right spot every time, is tough, and he'll bust his balls if he has a shot at a championship. I would snag him in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I don't have any say so.

Our shiny new, smart, quick footed, young, wide eyed, first round pick of an LT is now starting for us. I love the news. That tells me that the coaches like what they have seen enough to bump him up to a starter. That not only is good, but an absolute MUST. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Linkenbach started for us last year in Houston and wasn't an absolute disaster. BUT, 18 was harassed most of that game. We didn't draft 74 to sit him. I don't really care if he didn't get an offseason to study film and work with coaches. The guy has a BIOCHEMISTRY degree, and was a Rhodes scholar finalist....he can learn quickly. He is our Future at point in delaying the future.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Illogical Idiots.......being illogical.

I have one question for all these panicky, hyperventilating, "know it all", idiot fans that think that the world is coming to a swift end all because we got smeared by the Rams saturday night.

Does the game count?

No, nope, doesn't, negatory, negative ghostrider............hopefully you get the point.

4-21, that is our preseason record since 05.......when it's meaningless.
75-21, that is our REGULAR season record since 05......when it's important

An illogical idiot can look at those statistics and think there is a problem
Our Colts aren't idiots folks....... They know when it counts.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yeah, yeah, yeah.....we lost to the flippin Rams 33-10. It's the first preseason game. CURTIS FREAKIN PAINTER STARTED.....what do you expect? It's obvious after the last 12 years of preseason losing that the Colts purely do not give a rat's ass about the preseason. Why? They shouldn't. Preseason is to break in the draftees, let the vets tune up their motors, give those 2-4 UDFA's a shot to show what they can do, and pray that a stud doesn't go down in the meaningless, moneymaking debacle known as NFL preseason.

It's hard to watch, only the dedicated can really stomach the last 3/4's of a game that doesn't mean anything. Watching Painter miss on a simple swing pass on the first know it'll be a long night. This would be confirmed just 2 plays later after an interception to Quinton Mikell. On that play, Austin Collie had 2 steps on his man, and in the NFL that is wide-ass-open. You can bet the surplus of your checking account that 18 hits Collie in stride for a 19 yard gain on 3rd and 8 in that situation. I digress. 7 did come back on his second series to answer a Ram's touch with a long FG drive. Pierre made a pretty sweet grab after consecutive impressive runs by The Donald. Drive was capped off by a Vinny FG.

Orlovsky wasn't too impressive in his 2 quarters of work. Given it was just his 2nd week of trying to comprehend the complex language that is the Colts offense. Numerous misreads, 2 picks (one wasn't his fault, the other was a terrible underthrow on a wide open Taj Smith). He did have a brief display of brilliance on his 44 yard TD to Smith.

Players that definitely caught my eye were: Drake Nevis, Jerraud, Wheeler, Castonzo, The Donald, Chris Colasanti.

Players that sucked: Brandon King, Mike Pollak (as usual!), Kerry Neal, Riccardo Matthews, Chad Spann (his returns were putrid), Chris Brooks (only time he was noticeable was when an Orlovsky pass ricocheted off of his hands into a Ram's chest).

Only thing I have to say after last night.....1 down, 3 to go. Nobody hurt, keep it that way!