Wednesday, August 24, 2011

an ACTUAL back up

As some of you may know, Kerry Collins signed today. I love the move. He can actually win you a few games if need be. He is the first SOLID back up Peyton has ever had behind him.

I personally think that Peyton will play on September 11. I belive Tony....only way he doesn't is if he is dead. If they thought he wasn't, they would have signed Collins weeks ago. One thing this does say is that they feel the same way as about everyone else in our world, PAINTER IS AWFUL!

This signing probably doesn't totally mark the end of Painter's Colts career, but it does tell me that that moment is on the way. I think that we will end up carrying 3 QB's until halfway through the season....and if the front office has to choose between Painter and Collins.....well....that has to be one hell of an easy decision. Get through this year with Collins as the back up, and draft a guy next year HIGH (rounds 1-4) as a developmental prospect.

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