Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ugly? Yes. See some good? Yes.

16-3. Another loss that doesn't count. Did we give up 193,829,402,842 yards rushing to a team chalked full of mediocre backs? Yes. That's a culmination of the Colts not really preparing for the game, and not playing all that hard. You can tell that the starting players hate preseason just by their body language. Was painter absolutely horrific? Yes. Again.....what else is new? He can't play NFL football, and has displayed his shitty talent for the last 3 years yet he has still been our backup. That really kind of pisses me off about the Polians, Caldwell, and even Frank Reich (QB coach). Painter is a nice guy, I know this because I met him at Gary Brackett's charity thing. He has a cannon for an arm too. takes about 10 other abilities to even FUNCTION during an NFL game as a quarterback. Last preseason we say Brandstater CLEARLY outplay him, I cant necessarily say that Orlovsky has blown the coaches away with pro bowl caliber play, but the guy can atleast move an offense. Painter hasn't got it......and never has had it. Why did we draft him again?

Moving on.

Jerry Hughes. So far......horrific draft pick. 6 tackles last year, 1 QB hit, and a onslaught of de-activations. That is a pretty awful first year for a first round draft pick. One thing I have noticed the 2 games he has played in (both 3/4 of the game).....he is weak. Literally. He doesn't have the strength to hold up to an NFL tackle. YEs he has the speed to get around him.....but he gets toasted on running plays. Where the HELL have you been John Torine (strength and conditioning coach) and John Teerlinck? He did make a nice play on 3rd down last night tackling Helu from the Backside on a screen forcing a field goal. Absolutely must see more from him or he'll be yet another one of our recent stretch of busted HIGH draft picks.

Some good stuff now.

Drake Nevis, Delone Carter, Kevin Thomas, and CANT-STAND-YA.....all look like they are gonna be studs for us. Nevis had a sack on an absolute amazing double swim move to beat a double team. Carter is a poor man's Maurice Jones-Drew. His short yardage capabilities, and goal line talents are going to be fun to watch. He is also alot faster than I tought. Kevin Thomas was all over the field last night. His coverage is so much better than Lacey. He is a feistier corner than I am used to seeing wearing the horseshoe. broke up a few passes, and forced a fumble as well.

Castonzo has got it. He is our LT that we have been needing since the summer of 07. Big, strong, quick feet, smart, can handle the blitz (washington definitely tossed some at at him and he was pretty good). It'll be interesting to see how he does next week against the defending champs. They have a power d.....exotic blitzes....and clay matthews.

No major injuries last night. Some horrid play, but we all expected that. We suck at preseason.......for a reason. HA......that rhymes.

2 down....2 to go. Bring on Sept. 11th

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  1. Thanks for the update, Sam. I love to read your thoughts.