Thursday, August 25, 2011

Opening Day roster

I always come close to getting the opening day roster completely correct. I remember in 08 i was on the nail!

I love seeing how Reggie reacted to the signing of Collins. He backs his teammates....and that is cool. I do disagree with him. Painter is awful......Collins will win a game for you in a pinch.

QB: 18, Collins (i assume he will wrestle number 5 from Travis Baltz), 7 (not for that much longer, we gave a 38 year old guy a 2 year $4 million contract because he hasn't cut it in preseason)

RB: 29 (duh), 31 (please PLEASE break out this year), 34 (a poor man's MJD), 42 (looks thicker than last year), 45 (kick returner.....that's it)

FB: hahahahahahahaha.......why carry one of those?

TE: 44(duh), 84, 81/47 (love Brody, but McNiel has been somewhat impressive in preseason)

WR: 87 (DUH), 85 (concentrate this year please), 17, 11, 15. Depending on Blair White's condition, wouldn't be surprised to see a Vet added.

OL (Starters in order first): 74 (BEAST), 76, 63(duh), 78(balls), 71, 65, 66, 79, 72, 67/60/64 for the last oline spot.

26 total Offensive players.

DE: Free (duh), 98 (duh), 92 (please god show up this year), 90
DT: 99, 95, 94, 91, 68
LB: 51, 58, 53, 55, 57, 50
CB: 25 (pro bowl this year), 20, 27, 21 (love what he has done this preseason), 36
SS: 33, 35
FS: 41 (duh), 38/30

24 total

K: who else but the greatest ever? 4
P: 1......Pro bowl?
LS: 48.

3 total

26 + 24 + 3 = 53. those are your 53 for the opener at houston.

Practice squad I think will contain:

28, Chad Spann, always nice to have a good lookin RB prospect who can return for you incase joe joe, or donald go down.

59, Chris Colasanti, dude has been a tackling machine this preseason. Can't have enough Penn State backers around as far as I am concerned.

97, John Chick, he could make it this year, but I think we'll try and keep him on the squad again for a full year. I like his motor.

64, Olie Ogbu, this man has been a nice looking developmental nose tackle prospect so far. let teerlinck show him some more....hopefully he sticks around.

16, Joe Horn, quick, skinny white boy wide out......Blair White 2.0

and the other 3 members will end up being prospects that are slurped up as teams cut them.

that's all I got people. ALMOST FRIDAY!

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