Saturday, August 27, 2011

another loss.........WHO CARES!


No 18 and we held our own against a DAMN good Packers team. Painter was his usual self in teh first quarter, but looked like he actually belonged in the second. It still doesn't change my mind about whether he belongs. ONe thing he did need was some confidence. That long six to Reggie (which was awesome) is what he needed.

May I add, I was watching Peyton last night onthe sideline, the play before the 57 yard bomb to Reggie, he jogged over to Clyde, Clyde nodded his head, following play, a long six.........wonder why?

I think the starting D was what got me excited. Yeah Rodgers completed 19/23, but their first team offense only scored 10 points in the first half. Our rush was awesome. Free is unblockable, Fili looked awesome against the run, TOMMIE HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernie Sims looks like he is our new starting weakside backer. The 2 guys I was most excited about signing a month ago showcased they belong.....that's awesome. If Harris can consistently impose his will as an inside passrush threat, this team could kick some ass this year.

THe offensive line looked competent this time as well. I love that line now. Castonzo, Reitz, Jeffy, DIEM (love him at quard, it's where he belongs), and Linkenbach. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, matthews had a sack, a coverage one at that. The line consistently picked up the blitz all night. It was nice to see really. the amount of 3-4, joker defenses that we are going to see this year is outright crazy, and this line showed it can handle it. Donald Brown had atleast 3 blitz pickups. 102 rushing yards last night. That right side opened up some gaping holes......I like it. keep it up

The bad stuff

Chip Vaughn, you are the reason we lost last night. 2 idiotic penalties, 30 yards, and that's a wrap. If JIM CALDWELL pulls you from a PRESEASON game, seething, you better find your playbook because you're handing it in very soon.

Jacob Lacey is awful. How many F###ing times are we gonna have a flippin offense in 3rd and 7-10, and this prick is playing 19 yards OFF of the opposing teams' second best reciever. I think they figured it out last night.....Tryon and Thomas are tied for our second best corner.

Vinny missed a biggy, he's still awesome.

I definitely liked what I saw last night. 3 down, 1 more incredibly horrid game to go!

Best thing, NO INJURIES. Come on september 11th.
18......hurry back.

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