Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Signing......Who's your momma.......and our new #1 LT

Tyler Brayton......signed......good move? I personally think it's just to get through camp/pre-season. He is a 3rd team DT/power DE at best....I don't think he could unseat Eric Foster out of his spot. We tried to nab him in 2008, but he chose to take more money with the Panthers. He reminds me of a clone of Josh Thomas........doubt he makes it.

TJ Houshmanzedeh has been trying to get a deal done with us for atleast a week now. Worked out with the Vikes, and Pats..........and he didn't sign with either. I take that as he wants to have a role with us. My only question....WAKE UP POLIAN! His ability is perfect for our offense. He isn't a burner, but catches about everything thrown at him, will be in the right spot every time, is tough, and he'll bust his balls if he has a shot at a championship. I would snag him in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I don't have any say so.

Our shiny new, smart, quick footed, young, wide eyed, first round pick of an LT is now starting for us. I love the news. That tells me that the coaches like what they have seen enough to bump him up to a starter. That not only is good, but an absolute MUST. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Linkenbach started for us last year in Houston and wasn't an absolute disaster. BUT, 18 was harassed most of that game. We didn't draft 74 to sit him. I don't really care if he didn't get an offseason to study film and work with coaches. The guy has a BIOCHEMISTRY degree, and was a Rhodes scholar finalist....he can learn quickly. He is our Future at point in delaying the future.

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