Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yeah, yeah, yeah.....we lost to the flippin Rams 33-10. It's the first preseason game. CURTIS FREAKIN PAINTER STARTED.....what do you expect? It's obvious after the last 12 years of preseason losing that the Colts purely do not give a rat's ass about the preseason. Why? They shouldn't. Preseason is to break in the draftees, let the vets tune up their motors, give those 2-4 UDFA's a shot to show what they can do, and pray that a stud doesn't go down in the meaningless, moneymaking debacle known as NFL preseason.

It's hard to watch, only the dedicated can really stomach the last 3/4's of a game that doesn't mean anything. Watching Painter miss on a simple swing pass on the first know it'll be a long night. This would be confirmed just 2 plays later after an interception to Quinton Mikell. On that play, Austin Collie had 2 steps on his man, and in the NFL that is wide-ass-open. You can bet the surplus of your checking account that 18 hits Collie in stride for a 19 yard gain on 3rd and 8 in that situation. I digress. 7 did come back on his second series to answer a Ram's touch with a long FG drive. Pierre made a pretty sweet grab after consecutive impressive runs by The Donald. Drive was capped off by a Vinny FG.

Orlovsky wasn't too impressive in his 2 quarters of work. Given it was just his 2nd week of trying to comprehend the complex language that is the Colts offense. Numerous misreads, 2 picks (one wasn't his fault, the other was a terrible underthrow on a wide open Taj Smith). He did have a brief display of brilliance on his 44 yard TD to Smith.

Players that definitely caught my eye were: Drake Nevis, Jerraud, Wheeler, Castonzo, The Donald, Chris Colasanti.

Players that sucked: Brandon King, Mike Pollak (as usual!), Kerry Neal, Riccardo Matthews, Chad Spann (his returns were putrid), Chris Brooks (only time he was noticeable was when an Orlovsky pass ricocheted off of his hands into a Ram's chest).

Only thing I have to say after last night.....1 down, 3 to go. Nobody hurt, keep it that way!

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  1. Nobody hurt. Another week for Peyton's neck to recover. Welcome to the blogging world, Sam!