Sunday, April 24, 2011

4 days

4 days from now is the greatest day of the year (unless your team has won the super bowl)'s the draft! Nice new shiny football players for your team. It should be a national holiday.

Needs this year are pretty glaring honestly. I think 3 functional players absolutely must be acquired in order for use to continue our winning. I am quite tired of whiffs on players in the early rounds, which has been the case for the last few seasons.

Any offensive line position is a must. Jeff and Diemer are ancient and both are FAs after this season. Charlie is out of position (though he has filled in quite nicely at interim LT) I think Carimi and Ijalana would be absolutely awesome to get in the first and second rounds respectively. Carimi is a Mauler, Beast, Asskicker. Would be absolutely Dynamite at Right tackle. Drafting him fro that position would allow diem to slide inside to RG for his last season as a colt. Diemer and Carimi on the right side would be a lot of beef to stretch and slam into. I love the sound of that. Ijalana is a small tackle so I would have him play left guard.....good mobile guy that could pull on misdirection runs with The Donald and Joe Joe.

The second biggest need is most definitely Safety. Bob is gone and Melvin is a FA. I think I speak for any and every fan of the shoe when I say that I hope to god that I never see Aaron Francisco in a colts jersey ever again. Silva blew out his knee last pre-season and is a FA. There is a surplus of 3-4th round graded safeties that would fit our team nicely. Jaiquan Jarret and Quinton Carter are my 2 top guys. Tyler Sash and David sims as 5-7 round grades as well. I think The Pick will be Carter. He is a smart and sound player that could fit the bill at safety as well as special teams.

Tired of typing. Back later dudes

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