Monday, June 29, 2009

Long thought

Started this day at 4:30 in the morning. after a long day of scrubbing in on surgeries the going straight to work I only have one thing to say


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breakout player in 09 will be.......

During this incredibly boring time in the NFL year, I find myself contemplating who I think will be that breakout player wearing the shoe on his helmet. These are my two choices from the offensive and defensive squads

Pierre Garcon: I thought about putting down Jacob Tamme, but his injuries allowed Gijon Robinson to step up and take his potential spot. For Pierre I see his stat line being about 50-55 catches, 600-650 yards, 5-7 TD's. Again this is PURELY speculation, but I think it is definitely attainable. Reading the articles, watching the interviews with coaches and Peyton I think he has made quite a bit of progress with absorbing that wonderfully complex offense. There is a short clip of a few plays in practices of this kid running by Jerraud Powers on a 9, tracking the ball down, and making a really nice grab. I really hope he can look like that throughout the season. It'd be sweet to turn a 6th round, division III prospect into a good slot guy. Sure can't wait to find out!

Clint Session: This is a complete No brainer to me. Clint's strength is tackling and roaming free around the field. That is why I grin when I think about this guy being the starting WILL linebacker. Letting him roam to blow up running plays is a GREAT idea. I really really would love to see Coyer blitz him some. He is a perfect example of a downhill linebacker. I think it would be a good idea to rush 55 off the edge....right behind Robert Mathis. I see probably around 100 tackles, maybe 3 sacks, 2 picks, 3 force fumbles.....again that's speculation

Appreciation for the colts player attitude

Last week I was able to go to Gary Brackett's Charity event presented by Kroger. It is called the celebrity gridiron challenge and it involves colts players, coaches, and media people playing in a big flag football tournament. It lasts all day and it is an amazing experience. The basic layout is you have an 8 member team with a Player as your celebrity quarterback. My teams QB was Clint Session. Other players that were there; jamie silva, keyunta dawson, Charlie johnson, curtis painter, taj smith, TJ rushing, gary brackett, ed johnson, mike hart, chad simpson, phillip wheeler, pierre garcon, Tony ugoh, eric foster, antonio johnson, roy hall, Ricky thomas, alan willaims...and a few media people. I was able to participate in this event last year as well and it was an absolute awesome experience. The players are all appreciative of us, the fans. They are so open and available for pictures, autographs, even conversation. My little brother and I talked to Mike Hart about his rehab experience. What PROFESSIONAL athlete does that?!?! 

I can't tell you how cool it is to catch a pass from an NFL player and get to celebrate with him as if you are in an actual game against any other NFL team. You look around the field and any player that isn't on the field quarterbacking his team of random fans, he is conversing, taking pictures, autographing.....with other random fans. Seeing the availability and the appreciation that these guys show to us....the fans.....makes me love this team just that much more. is my prediction for the roster opening day. Last year I got damn near all the roster correct. The only 2 I had wrong were Quinn Pitcock and Luke Lawton and that was because one retired unexpectedly and the other was traded....unexpectedly. I miss Luke....he was tough. OH well.

QB (2): 18 and the sorginator 
RB (4): Joe, the donald, Mike Hart, Lance Ball
H-B (1): Tom Santi
WR (5): Reg, Gonzo, Pierre, Collie, Roy Hall
TE (3): Dallas, Tamme, Gijon
OT (4): Big Tony, Diemer, Federkiel, Charlie J 
OG (4): LILJA (thank god he's back), Pollak, Jamie R, Jamie T, 
C (2): JEFFY (another one of those "thank god he's back" because if he left for pittsburgh I would have puked), Steve Justice

DE (5): Dwight the Fright, Bert Mathis, Raheem, Marcus Howard, Curtis Johnson
DT (5): Fili, BIG TERRANCE TAYLOR, Ed johnson, Eric Foster, Adrian Grady
OLB (4): Clint, Phillip "predator" Wheeler, Tyjuan, Freddy
MLB (2): Gary Brackett, Adam Seward
CB (5): Kelvin, Marlin, Timmy jennings, Jerraud Powers, Dante
S (4): BOBzilla, Antoine, Melvin, Giordano

K: Adam the great
P: Mcafee
LS: Justin Snow

Practice Squad I haven't really put much thought into this squad...I do know that curtis painter will be on it though.......

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wow this is something I am definitely new at. I'll try to keep this thing updated. all I really have to say is that right now we are stuck in the worst part of the NFL year. NOTHING is happening and I'm quite ready for a new season to begin. Camp is just a few short weeks is my graduation! 

Fellow colts fans and I are anticipating yet another exciting season. I hope to god that we all don't log onto the internet, check an accurate sports site, and see that Peyton has knee surgery this year. Good lord that was probably the most awkward moment I've experienced in my long long time as a fan (Next to the 2001 draft when we all were asking WHO THE HELL IS REGGIE WAYNE AND WHAT IS POLIAN THINKING!)Hopefully we'll never have to experience an injury to good old 18. There are quite a few questions I'm asking myself about this year. Can joe show us he's the player he was from the 06 and half of the 07 seasons? Who's gonna be the slot guy....Pierre or Collie? Will Roy hall ever do anything other than hurt his shoulder? Will bob make it through the year without an injury? WHERE'S THE BEEF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DLINE?!?!?!?!? hahahaha. Will Jimmy Caldwell be the coach we all want him to be? 

so many things to think about for this season. I CANNOT WAIT FOR CAMP!!!!!!!!