Sunday, June 28, 2009 is my prediction for the roster opening day. Last year I got damn near all the roster correct. The only 2 I had wrong were Quinn Pitcock and Luke Lawton and that was because one retired unexpectedly and the other was traded....unexpectedly. I miss Luke....he was tough. OH well.

QB (2): 18 and the sorginator 
RB (4): Joe, the donald, Mike Hart, Lance Ball
H-B (1): Tom Santi
WR (5): Reg, Gonzo, Pierre, Collie, Roy Hall
TE (3): Dallas, Tamme, Gijon
OT (4): Big Tony, Diemer, Federkiel, Charlie J 
OG (4): LILJA (thank god he's back), Pollak, Jamie R, Jamie T, 
C (2): JEFFY (another one of those "thank god he's back" because if he left for pittsburgh I would have puked), Steve Justice

DE (5): Dwight the Fright, Bert Mathis, Raheem, Marcus Howard, Curtis Johnson
DT (5): Fili, BIG TERRANCE TAYLOR, Ed johnson, Eric Foster, Adrian Grady
OLB (4): Clint, Phillip "predator" Wheeler, Tyjuan, Freddy
MLB (2): Gary Brackett, Adam Seward
CB (5): Kelvin, Marlin, Timmy jennings, Jerraud Powers, Dante
S (4): BOBzilla, Antoine, Melvin, Giordano

K: Adam the great
P: Mcafee
LS: Justin Snow

Practice Squad I haven't really put much thought into this squad...I do know that curtis painter will be on it though.......

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