Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panic time....not yet.

I remember this same feeling just before the 2008 season. Peyton had that second knee surgery about 3 weeks before the season started to clean out an infection he had acquired from his previous surgery.......everyone was freaking out. Same shit, new year. Once again Bill Polian is being an inconsiderate asshole to the media. I understand why he wouldn't talk to some reporters because, lets be truthfull, some are idiots. BUT not the guys that cover the Colts for the Star. Mike Chappel is a nice guy. Phillip Wilson is a good guy. Kravitz isn't an idiot, he just writes the blatent truth. Hell, Polian even ran over Bob Lamey when asked a question about Peyton's health. This guy is an COLOSSAL PRICK, and always has been. His attitude is such, that if you haven't been in the NFL setting for 20 years, you know nothing about football.

WELL.....Bill. I got thing to say about that.

Have you been watching Painter? My girlfriend, who knows literally NOTHING about football can see he is horrendous, inaccurate, panicky in the pocket, and has NO chance to lead us to a win during a PRESEASON game.

Now I don't yet think it's time to panic. If 18 isn't in uniform and practicing late next week....I would start. If we sign a PROVEN vet, not a career backup who couldn't win a game with the lions 3 years ago, but a guy that can carry a team, I would be somewhat concerned. That might also alleviate some of the frustrations I have because it could be the end of Painters time as a Colt.

Keep you posted people. Don't panic........yet.
18, please hurry back.

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