Sunday, August 28, 2011

First surprises.

Not one surprise this first wave of cuts. I was amazed Chip Vaughn wasn't cut Friday night after his display of idiocy in the Packers game.

The way David Gilreath played against the packers is what made Devin Moore expendable. Gilreath is the smoothest looking punt returner I have seen in years, the last one who made it look simple was Brad Pyatt.

Glenn was a good ST linebacker, but hasn't practiced or played since the middle of last year. The way Sims played last night and the emergence of Adrian Moten, he is extremely expendable.

Horn has yet to play in a preseason game. I expect to possibly see him back on the PS. He looked good the 2 times I saw him in camp as a kick returner. He was camp fodder.

Mike Newton is a bit of a surprise to me actually. Joe Lefeged is his replacement, and the way David Caldwell has played, he is easily replaceable.

Hartline and Bender......same as beekman. Only needed to get through camp and preseason.

If Collins does play a majority of the game (which I expect), it could be an interesting game to watch. Next cuts are Saturday morning. Come onnnnn fall.

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