Sunday, September 6, 2009

it almost counts......

preseason over, cuts done, football that counts is almost here.

I like what I saw in the cuts. although I do believe Tauilili is better than keiaho, but oh well. I was a little surprised to see Grady AND terrance taylor both getting the axe, but again who cares. They'll probably both get thrown on the practice squad and called up in mid season when somebody goes down. I wasn't that surprised when Mike Hart and Marcus Howard both were cut. Mike couldn't stay healthy, devestating injury first year plus constant sitting for minor injuries will get you axed. Howard was a beast in college, but was way way too small. He's like Kieaho (another tony dungy speed first BS player). yes he had the speed to be a good edge rusher, but he was weak. When a tackle flicked him with an inded finger he went flailing into the turf and was ultimately out of the play. Steve justice, josh thomas....good riddance.

One guy I liked seeing make it was Ramon Humber. He is a bomber. I think he'll be comparable to Darrell Ried. Good special teamer that will rarely see the field on D.

It's good to see that Caldwell isn't against axing players with "promise". I think Tony hung on to players for WAY to long.....the same with coaches. It didn't take a football person to realize that Marcus Howard sucked. Doesn't take a brilliant mind to see that Josh Thomas was horrible, or Steve Justice couldn't block a cardboard box, or that Freddy Kieaho was a HORRIBLE middle linebacker. It is good to know that Jim can separate from these guys and realize that a good person can be a sucky professional football player.

Bob was activated from Pup, doubt he plays in the opener but one can hope for it. only a week away from actual football. Stay tuned......................

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