Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 players I cannot stand

1. Tom Brady: For gods sake people, I'm a die hard Colts fan......who else were you expecting? Watching the giants Defensive line plant this overhyped prettyboy douche in XLII was pretty fun. Why he gets so much freakin credit I don't know. The press just melts over his 6th round underdog story. All I have to say is that if you take Brady off his team the backup leads them to an 11 win season and barely misses the playoffs. Take 18 of the colts.......I don't want to think about it.

2. Phillip Rivers: throws like a woman, acts like a 4 year old, and leads the most annoyingly confident team in professional sports. That performance of his in the Playoffs last season when all he did was flail around the backfield and throw the ball 7 yards pass the line straight into the ground because DFREE and Bert mathis were breathing down his redneck ass should speak of him enough.......WUSS

3. TO: selfish, annoying, team wrecker, brickhanded, MORON. He ruins teams, Dances after every play, and cares about nobody but himself. He has the most obvious "ME FIRST" demeanor in the NFL.

4. LT: plays for the chargers. Winey, obnoxious, baby of a player. if it doesn't go his way, he pouts and throws a fit.... amazingly enough he acts just like his petty obnoxious woman armed QB.

5. Jeremy Shockey: Sucky teammate, overrated, me-first guy. His rookie season was pretty impressive. I remember watching him dominate our Colts in the dome in 02. Probably his most famous play of his overhyped career was when he Trucked over little David Gibson......that was impressive. Then the talk, dances, fallouts with teammates, run-ins with coaches.....ugh. He's annoying. So annoying he pisses off Drew Brees..........what a douche.

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