Monday, July 6, 2009

Most Underrated player on the roster

I am always reading posts and posts and posts on other sites, blogs, and forums about this exact topic and I thought I'd start a little thing on it. The way the colts are constructed it's imperative that the team finds those UDFA hidden gems like Gary Brackett, Eric Foster, Melvin Bullitt, Jeff Saturday etc, etc, etc. WE al know BP and staff are all masters at finding these types of players via draft or UDFA. That is why my most underrated player is an UDFA. He started the route of a usual Colt UDFA.....starting on special teams, then following the "next man up" team philosophy when a certain BEAST safety started his injury streak.

here's a few hints:
Texas A&M starter
5 career Interceptions, 3 of which are against the Houston Texans.
4 picks in 08 3 where game sealers
#33 on your roster

any clue who it is yet???

Yes it's Melvin Bullitt. One of those players like Antione Bethea once was early in his career. Those always around the ball type of players. Not necessarily the fastest, strongest, flashiest players on the roster but his humble attitude towards life, military upbringing, hustle, and knack for being where the ball is what makes him one of my favorite unheralded Colts on the roster. He stepped up bigtime last year when bob went down early. That playing time last season gives him that experience that will make him very valuable come this season for our coverage packages and down the road as Antoine becomes a FA (lord I hope BP and Jimmy cough up some cash to keep him in town because he's fun to watch). Old larry can get creative with maybe Melvin in the slot with Bob and Antoine behind him?

Ok.....time to start studying some situational medicine questions for certifying exam.

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