Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How much can a website really suck

7 straight seasons of 12+ wins, 2 super bowl appearances, 1 world championship, division title after division title, a state of the art stadium, THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK TO EVER PLAY FOOTBALL playing for them, consumate professional athletes that support the I need to keep going on the team? The Colts are a phenomenal franchise but their website is pretty damned sad. Lame stories, slow slow slow SLOW updates. Brandon Renkart and J.D. Skolnitsky were both waived a month ago and they are still on the roster. John Matthews was waived 2 days ago, claimed today buy the jaguars.......NONE of this has been updated. I really don't understand this. I hate it. I am a diehard and I hate visiting that site. I really wish they would do more with it, maybe hire a guy like me (VAST Colts knowledge) with computer skills that can run that site. Maybe get some more insight. I do enjoy what it will be doing when camp comes around. The updates get much much better but something tells me it can be much better.

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