Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 season breakout players

if you check out my breakout players post of last year........I absolutely nailed it. My stat line for each player (pierre and clint) was absolutely SPOT ON. ESPECIALLY with clint. So I decided to do this again for this season.


Teetering between Gonzo and Donald Brown. I am gonna say Donald just because he's got nowhere else to go but up. We saw Flashes of awesomeness from him last year. That first touchdown run in Miami, the catch and run in Arizona, the break away 45 yarder against the Rams, the goal line run against the Jets for a touchdown. Those all were nice. His inability to adjust quickly to pass blocking for Peyton may have really held back his playing time. One if his best qualities is his "want to". I think he'll show definite improvement in this area. I also think that with the teams commitment to make the line bigger to improve the ground game will definitely help. I think Donald will get significant playing time due to the usual second season "jump" most players make from year 1 to year 2. I see probably around 750 yards rushing in a platoon role with Joe Joe, 8 touchdowns. Probably another 200 in receiving and another receiving touchdown.


Fili Moala. Judging from all the stories written about the second rounder from USC, he is pissed that he sucked last year. He's gotten serious about getting on the field and making plays. I think he'll be a beast this year in our tackle rotation. He has the talent to play end as well. I think using him as a power end would be awesome. I think he's a motivated guy that will get plenty of time in the rotation behind Dan, Mookie, and Eric foster. I think he'll come through for us this year as our good pass rusher tackle (one we have not had since Montae Reagor, who I dearly miss). I see Fili coming through with 30 tackles, 4 sacks, and probably 20 pressures.

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