Monday, July 19, 2010

Bored and can't sleep

I'm gonna go ahead and do a quick roster prediction. I'm usually pretty good at it. I usually screw up on one group (last year it was defensive tackles). This year the hardest group to get will be the defensive backs (particularly corner). Had plenty of turnover at this position with Marlin Jackson, Tim Jennings, and Tj Rushing gone. Add in the fact that Kevin Thomas is gone for the year with a injury (in his first flippin mini-camp). Ok here it is

QB: Peyton Freakin Manning, Curtis Painter
RB: Joe Joe, Donald, Mikey Hart
FB/HB: Brody Eldridge (can't wait to see him)
TE: Dallas, Jacob Tamme, Tom Santi (if he can keep himself together)
WR: Reg, Pierre, Gonzo, Austin, Giguire
C: Jeffy, Jamey Richard
OG: Pollak, McCLendon, Devann, Alleman
OT: Diemer, Charlie, Ugoh, ADAM TERRY

DE: Dwight, Bert, Jerry, Riccardo Matthews
DT: Danny, Mookie, E-FO, Fili
WLB: Clint, Humber
MLB: Gary, Pat
SLB: Phillip, Flying Death Squirrel, Cody Glenn
CB: Kelvin, Jerraud, Jacob, Brandon King, Thad Turner
FS: Antoine, David Caldwell
SS: Bobzilla, Melvin, Mike Newton

K: Adam
P: Pat McAfee.........athlete
LS: Justin Snow
KR: Brandon James

Thats my first 53 man prediction. If you don't like it............................whatever.

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