Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Please don't panic. Let the idiots be idiots.

We're 1-0 baby. Yes the win was not quite as dominating as we had all hoped. I wasn't really expecting a 35-10 win, I was expecting exactly what happened. I cringed when I had heard that Pryor was starting over Flynn. Had Flynn started.....we may have won by 3-4 scores. Pryor is a freak. 6-6 with 4.5 speed, that is a freak. His ability as a pocket QB leaves much to be desired. The Raiders really only had him throw 3 different routes (slants, bubble screes, 10 yard digs). The play that lost Oakland the game was their longest of the day. Pryor had a tight end WIDE. OPEN. on that drive. If he leads the guy, they score, we lose. But he was tall, flat footed, and he nervously floated the pass behind Mastrud, making him stop, peel back, and secure the catch which allowed Laron to chase him down.

Pryor's abilty to scramble, extend the play, make the biggies miss, improvise......incredible. There were times where we dialed up blitzes, got there, but he got away. Sucks. Annoying. Won't happen again. We will adjust. We will figure it out. Veteran heavy teams do that.

Offensively we were absolutely PERFECT.......for 3 drives. The 8 in between the three I am talking about we were atrocious and predictable. I feel that Castonzo has regressed as a LT. He cannot sustain a block on bigs. I worry about him now. Mike Mcglynn....you suck. Hugh Thornton needs to be our starting right guard. I believe that would make the right side much better. Andrew Luck, Reggie both proved they are amazing.

Rough start appearance, but it's the NFL. Every team is amped to play on opening day. Oakland has a no name defense, but it's a strong one. They blitz heavily, and tackle well. For playing a relatively unknown opponent, with an EXTREMELY unknown commodity in Pryor...I will take a 21-17 win. The key is we won. Chuckster put it perfectly.......grind it out, and play our best ball in December/January. All these morons that are panicking because we didn't win by six scores are idiots. Just win, be rolling in december and we go from there. Next week the will be a truer test for the defense because we are playing a traditional offense. Little gimmick bullshit because they have a QB who can't throw a true route tree. I think Manusky's blitzes will do us better because Tannehill doesn't quite have the boogie of Pryor.

Til then......GO BLUE.

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