Saturday, September 3, 2011


Cuts made. No surprises really. I anticipated Gonzo to be axed, but it didn't happen. Tommie Harris didn't make the team because the coaches didn't like him missing time because of injury against the Redskins.

Miraculously Pollak and Richard survived. Devann and McClenndon didn't

One move that kind of caught me off guard was they didn't keep Gilreath. I can almost guarantee him going to the PS. I thought the display of ability on Punt returns and as a scat WR would have gotten him a spot. Oh well.

Roster is this so far

QB: 18, 5, 7
RB: 29, 31, 34, 28, 32 (either Spann or Evans get put on the PS as the waiver claims happen)
TE: 44, 84, 81, 47 (loved how McNiel played in the preseason, he could be our fullback)
WR: 87, 85, 17, 11, 15
OL: 74, 67, 63, 71, 72, 78, 72, 61 (ugh, definitely expect a few waiver claims for guard and T)

DE: 93, 98, 92, 90, 75
DT: 99, 95, 68, 94 (really was wishing to see Ogbu here, he's definitely PS material)
LB: 55, 58, 51, 50, 53, 57 ( like this group honestly, Sims will flourish with us and Moten becomes our next ST's demon)
CB: 25, 20, 27, 21, 46, 36 (2 rooks make it! Kevin Thomas is starting by week 5)
SS: 33, 35 (love Lefeged. I expect a waiver claim here)
FS: 41, 30

K: 4
P: 1
LS: 48

The way Spann and Evans played in preseason made them worth keeping. I expect one of the two to end up on the PS, if not both of them, depending on what vets are out there on the waivers to claim. I expect a few moves to be made. Some of the rooks could end up getting cut and PSed to make way for claims.


  1. In the little bit of pre-season that I saw, I was a fan of Gilreath. I was disappointed he didn't make it.

  2. Trust me, there are lots of things to dislike about Tommie Harris. Wasn't surprised that you cut him; only surprised we hung on to him for as long as we did.